Adv. Jayashree Nangare; an expert in the field of Cyber Law/Security & Law. She has won many cases in her practice of more than 15 yrs and has conducted numerous training for banks. The feather in cap was her association with Maharashtra Police and Cyber Cell, Crime Branch.  She has been invited on dais for many prestigious forums and has been a Legal pillar for Corp orates protecting them against Cyber Crimes.  Read More

“One can Dive and Survive into Cyberspace, all a person needs is a Cyber Security life jacket”

                                                                                                           – Adv. Jayashree Nangare

Legacy of 15 yrs.

Consultations to Data Centers

Trainings imparted to Banks

Legal Cases Won

International Representations

Techno -Legal Services

Media Presence

Indicative Clientele