Cyber Crime Expert Lawyer

Adv. Jayashree Nangare, cyber crime expert lawyer and chairman & founder of Cyber Law Solution; a premier Techno – Legal firm with more than a decade of experience in matters pertaining to Cyber Law, IT Security, Cyber Crime/Fraud Investigation, Telecom, Trade Mark & Copyrights, Media and Entertainment, e-Contracts’.
An ISO 27001-2013 Consultant providing Expert Legal Opinion and Legal Compliance to corporate.

List of Institutions/ Companies/corporation engaging them or otherwise


    1. Cyber Law Consultant & Panel Advocate of Bank of Maharashtra Pune city & Pune Region.
    2. Cyber Lawyer & Panel Lawyer for Cyber Security for Bank of Maharashtra Lokmangal
    3. Cyber Lawyer & Panel of Bank of Baroda.
    4. Cyber Lawyer & Panel for Syndicate Bank
    5. Cyber Lawyer & Panel of Corporation Bank.
    6. Cyber Lawyer & Panel of Dena Bank.
    7. Cyber Lawyer & Panel Advocate of The Saraswat Co-op. Bank Ltd. Mumbai
    8. Cyber Law Consultant of COSMOS Bank. Pune
    9. Cyber Lawyer of Baramati Sahakari Bank Ltd. Baramati
    10. Cyber Law Consultant of KARAD URBAN CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD, Karad
    11. Cyber Law Consultant of Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd. Mumbai
    12. Cyber Law Consultant of Chembur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. Chembur Mumbai

  1. Cyber Law Consultant of Rajarshi Shahu Sahakari Bank Ltd. Pune
  2. Cyber Legal Consultant & Panel Advocate of Pune Jilha Madhyavarti Sahakari Bank Ltd. Pune
  3. Cyber Lawyer of Kallappanna Awade Ichakaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ichakaranj
  4. Cyber Lawyer for Pune Merchants Co-operative Bank Ltd. Pune
  5. Cyber Law Consultant of the Shamrao Vitthal Co-operative Bank. Mumbai
  6. Cyber Law Consultant of Janata Sahakari Co-operative Bank. Pune
  7. Cyber Law Consultant of Muslim Co-operative Bank. Pune.
  8. Cyber Law Consultant of Bhausaheb Thorat Amrut Vahini Sahakari Bank Ltd., Sangamner, Nashik.
  9. Legal Adviser in Maharashtra Bank Employee’s Co-op. Credit Society Ltd.
  10. Cyber Lawyer and Panel Advocates of Pune District Central Co-operative Bank
  11. ISO Consultant as per ISO 27001-2013 standards.